The Europe Collection was inspired by my recent travels- we visited Copenhagen, Florence, Rome, & Positano/Capri... each city more epic than the next. I was so inspired & had a vision for how I wanted my photos to look in each city- so of course, I MADE PRESETS!

The Europe Collection channels all of the chic European feels. I would best describe this preset pack as warm, moody, romantic, & just really SUPER VIBEY. These presets all are very cohesive when used interchangeably as well- a perfect preset pack for a streamlined feed!

Although these presets are named after cities, they aren't specific to those cities! I test & tweak all of my presets to make sure they are versatile on all different photos & compatible for JPEG & RAW (so you can edit from desktop or phone seamlessly!)


01 DOPENHAGEN: inspired by my favorite city, Copenhagen. The Dopenhagen preset is the ultimate HYGGE preset- it will give you all the warm & cozy feels. 

02 FENDI IN FIRENZE: If I could describe Florence in one word, it's romantic. The Fendi in Firenze is just that. It's warm & dreamy, yet still super edgy & cool.

03 CAPRI SUN: the anything-but-boho beach preset! The Capri Sun preset keeps things looking tropical & beachy... but just a whole lot more rad than your average beach pic. 

04 WHEN IN ROME: Rome has all of the bustling city vibes & the When in Rome presets is your total CITY preset. It is warm, contrasted, moody, & a little bit desaturated.

This preset pack come with a QUICK START GUIDE to walk you through installing the presets on your computer, my editing process/tips for using the presets, along with a FREE GUIDE to syncing your presets on your phone.

FEED GOALS ARE IN YOUR FUTURE & I wanna see- be sure to tag #FASHIONLUSHPRESETS on your edits so I can share.


+ all of the Fashionlush presets are to be used with Lightroom Classic for desktop, which you can download here.

+ THEY CAN BE SYNCED TO YOUR PHONE!! Be sure you have both the Lightroom CC desktop app as well as the Lightroom CC mobile app.

+ these presets are to be used with with RAW photo files, yet they will work on JPG files with some slight tweaking.

+ because all photos are taken in different settings, how the preset looks will vary based on photo. The quick start guide will walk you through the most common adjustments.


+ due to the nature of a digital product, we do not offer refunds.

+ the use of all Fashionlush presets extends only to the purchaser & can not be shared, redistributed, or sold.

+ you may only use these products for personal or professional use.

+ Fashionlush presets are copyright protected.